Without Music, life would be a mistake
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Music is that thing which binds us all. We all dance in some way, we all sing.
Even if we're bad at both. 
When a large community of musicians and music lovers gather together, with a common goal in mind, a lot can happen!

Not only are these events fun for everyone, they are often a media frenzy as well!

I have seen hundreds of friendships made, dozens fall in love, numerous new music projects be born (even some babies!), and all kinds of other long-lasting, often intangible blessings that can come from marathon, musical world record efforts.

Once you see it, you cannot unsee it....and you'll want to spread the word too!

To my thinking, it's about time the world came together to celebrate their local music scenes, everywhere....do you agree??

What World Records of Music does is streamline and promote the process for people in multiple communities so that they too can test their musical might against some of the most rocking-est live music events ever recorded in human history.


As the primary organizer of multiple Longest Concerts, a solo record breaker myself, and, now, the Director of World Records of Music, I know (perhaps better than anyone) the impact these events can have on a community.
I sincerely hope you will follow along as we bring and develop these efforts to and for musicians all over the world! 

-- Julian Ruck