“After years of effort, practice, research, and many…MANY…miles of travel…I have moved to Portland, Oregon to organize the world’s first ever Endless Concert!
Of course, that is no easy task. …and we cannot jump right into it.
These projects are all stepping stones to familiarize the Portland community with 24/7 live music events…how a music scene can gather together toward a common goal, and how much can be gained from that.

If you sincerely believe the Portland music scene has what it takes to do this (as I do) please email your interest to timesinfinitymedia@gmail.com .

We need help in every category, not just music talent, so, don’t hesitate to reach out if all you have to offer is enthusiasm.
We have a place for everyone in this project, if they want to be involved!

If you ARE an original music act…send us links to your music! (Especially live performance footage!) Let’s do this!”

Julian Ruck

Traveling Local Music Promoter, Life-long Musician, World Record Breaker